CSS3D rotating volumetric cloud

A green spinning blob

A couple of weekends ago I built a rotating 3D cloud using nothing but CSS, HTML, a little bit of JavaScript and some images... And, alongside my love of abusing coordinating conjunctions, I used some basic math to convert polar coordinates to cartesian.

I take no responsibility for anything that happens after you follow this link to the demo, since 3D rotation is still a bit touchy in some browsers.

Now be warned, this is doing something no browser should have to do. It will only work on webkit-based browsers with 3D hardware acceleration enabled (check the relevant box at about:flags in chrome).

To see how it was put together, download the source here. Pretty basic huh?

If you can't get it to work or simple prefer to click on youtubes instead of hunting through boring text for a link, here's a recording I prepared earlier:

I'm open to comments and questions, and now I'm in the mood to try and build something actually useful...