Welcome to domitable!

Together at last! Just you, me and the internet.

I hope you agree with me that there are too many blogs on the internet. But let's ask the internet what she thinks...

OH! She's saying she's so fat and ugly that another blog wouldn't make much difference. Hey now internet, don't beat yourself up over a few, um, bloaty bits. *pause* Well I don't care what all the other networks are saying! *pause* Okay okay, I'll do another blog, just don't bite my head off! You always do this!

Whew, she's got a bit of a temper. Sometimes its easier just to go along with it, but I must admit I like to push things to the extreme. It's just what I do, I can't help it. But I won't apologise!

The result is that in all likelihood, unless you're an ubergeek with the latest browser and a reasonably fast processor, many of the demonstrations on this site probably won't work at all. This is really bleeding edge stuff... But don't be afraid to ask if you need assistance, or shout if you're frustrated. I can take it.

[edit]Heh, the above sounds real quaint now that most browsers don't suck as much.[/edit]

Feel free to poke around and if you like what you see by all means subscribe or bookmark, I'll be providing updates as regularly as my tight schedule will allow!

I had hoped to keep this introduction short and sweet, so thanks for stopping by and I'll see you next time!