My first game! (Be gentle)

So I have combined my fascination with space and asteroids into a vertical scrolling game of "dodge that rock or die!".

Actually, I first started this as a little Torque2D side project years ago, called "HotWired" it was pretty basic and had quite primitive dynamics. Quite some time later I built an HTML5 analogue to that game (some day I'll upload it, but it's _very_ primitive).

I switched to straight-up Java and OpenGL, and had great fun learning about stencil buffers and fragment vs vertex shaders.

But ultimately I settled on Unity. Its C# scripting was neat, well organised and extremely well optimised. Where with custom Java I was struggling to optimize garbage collection, the PhysX engine and drawing routines of Unity seem magical in comparison.

This allowed me to focus on gameplay, and what was a simple "dodge the rocks" game suddenly gained features like near-misses, score chaining and the like.

You can download the game at, or check out the subreddit at for more information.