short story

Thread safe



It was my code.

Publicly, the investigators didn't blame me personally, said it was a systematic failure. But I know the game.

At the launch party we watched Glen on the big screen. The corridors were packed with employees; their families and even the general public overflowed into the marquees outside. Everyone stood silent, holding their breath as Glen took his first. A shock of surprise crossed his face, then he grinned.

"Mission control, we have mint. Minty fresh air up here in Habitat one. You guys thought of everything!"

Future News

"A youth was neutralized this evening when a neighborhood drone mistook him for an invading enemy fighter jet. While the chief of police refused to comment on the matter, social networks have again been ablaze with rumours that Dr Smith Jones, who directed the initial development phases of the project, had warned the relevant authorities on multiple occasions that the drone software is, quote, unstable and poorly tested, unquote. Others say that the incident is related to the all-pervasive hacker group Anonymous who are yet to make an official comment on the issue."