My first game! (Be gentle)

So I have combined my fascination with space and asteroids into a vertical scrolling game of "dodge that rock or die!".

Actually, I first started this as a little Torque2D side project years ago, called "HotWired" it was pretty basic and had quite primitive dynamics. Quite some time later I built an HTML5 analogue to that game (some day I'll upload it, but it's _very_ primitive).

Shotgun mini-probes for asteroid mining

I've often wondered at the vast mineral richness of space, possibly thanks to playing Elite back in my "formative years".

A key challenge faced by modern asteroid miners, like Planetary Resources, is just how to discover and classify substantial mineral-bearing rocks in the vast relative emptiness of space.

Hubble Ultra Deep Field interactive tool

Ever since I watched the Voyager 2 spacecraft whiz past Jupiter when I was quite young space has fascinated me. I was taken aback by the initial Hubble Deep Field images and the sheer scale of them.

To this end I assembled a tool which lets you zoom and pan this >100Mb image in your browser without having to download the whole thing.

Click here to view it!

It should work cross-browser and on mobiles and tablets. Please let me know if there are any issues viewing the images.